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The derivation of the place name Halkirk is a Norse form of ecclesiastical origin. It appears as Ha-kirkju in the Norse sagas, takes the forms of Haukirc and Haukyrc in two Latin documents of the thirteenth century, and is to the present day pronounced Haekirc by Gaelic speakers. The last limb is undoubtedly the Norse word for "kirk," and the first member is almost certainly the feminine form Ha of a Norse adjective, meaning "high." Hence Halkirk means "High Kirk," but why so called remains uncertain. It is quite possible that Hoy, a place-name in the immediate neighbourhood, also meaning "high," gave its designation to the kirk, and that in the name Halkirk Hoy lies concealed.

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Halkirk Heritage & Vintage Motor Society
A project looking back at Halkirk's History.
Halkirk School Reunion
Hundreds of ex-Halkirk pupils returned to the scene of their crimes..??
Halkirk Gala Week
This annual event always manages to get the community together.
Halkirk Highland Games
The premiere sporting event in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.
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